2010 Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Dissertation: “Theoretical modeling methods of stochastic biological networks and their applications”, Advisor: Jie Liang
Honors: Anthony James Leggett and Haruko Kinase-Leggett Graduate Awards

2002 M.S. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Shanxi University
Area of Concentration: Microbial genomics analysis

1999 B.S. in Computational Mathematics, Shanxi University

Research Experiences

Los Alamos National Laboratory, Theoretical Biology and Biophysics (T-6) and Center for Nonlinear Studies (CNLS)

Postdoc Research Associate,  05/2015-Present

(1)    Stochastic bimodal control of latency-activation in HIV infected cells and predictive modeling of therapeutic targets using the Accurate Chemical Master Equation (ACME) method.

(2)    Mechanistic modeling of immunotherapy for HIV infection with diverse experimental data.

(3)    Modeling the role of CD8 T cells in viral infection control.

(4)    Probabilistic modeling of Ebola epidemic using the ACME method.

University of Illinois at Chicago, Department of Bioengineering

Research Assistant Professor,  09/2012–04/2015

(1) Methodology development of the Accurate Chemical Master Equation (ACME) method for probability landscape modeling of biological reaction networks.
(2) Methodology development of integrative multiscale modeling framework for tissue pattern.
(3) Modeling wound healing and tissue regeneration using the integrative multi-scale method.

Postdoctoral Research Associate,  09/2011–08/2012

Methodology development of the Adaptively Biased Sequential Importance Sampling (ABSIS) method for efficient rare event sampling in biological reaction networks.

Research Scholar,  03/2009–08/2011

(1) Developed the finite buffer dCME method for directly solving chemical master equation.
(2) Studied stochastic bimodal control of phage λ lysogenic-lytic genetic switch.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai Center for Systems Biomedicine

Assistant Research Scientist,  08/2002–03/2009

(1) Studied metagenomics of human gut microbiota by analyzing big sequencing data.
(2) Developed a novel protein structural class prediction method using the rough sets theory.
(3) Discovered novel genes for plant stress response with large-scale sequence data analysis.

Awarded Grants

XSEDE Research Allocation,  2016-2018

“Multiscale Stochastic Modeling and Complex Data Fitting for HIV and Immune System”

Role: Co-PI,  5,066,789 Service Units (SU: core hours)

According to XSEDE, the total estimated value of this awarded HPC resource is $171,215.

XSEDE Startup Allocation,  2015-2016

“Stochastic Control of HIV Latency-Reactivation and Viral/Immune System Dynamics”

Role: PI,  50,000 Service Units

University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) Chancellor’s Discovery Fund for Multidisciplinary Pilot Research,  2015-2017

“Dynamic multi-scale cell model for spatio-temporal tissue pattern in wound healing”

Role: PI

This is a competitive UIC campus-wide grant competition for tenure-track and non-tenure-track assistant professors. Only 4-5 applications are awarded each year on a campus with over 2,600 faculty members. This award was declined as I was moving away from University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) to Los Alamos National Laboratory.


Anthony James Leggett and Haruko Kinase-Leggett Graduate Awards, 

Shanghai Jiao Tong University 2011

Memberships of Professional Societies

Society for Mathematical Biology
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
American Association for the Advancement of Science
Biophysical Society

Journal and Conference Paper-Reviewing Services

PLoS Computational Biology, Journal of Chemical Physics, Journal of Theoretical Biology, SIAM Multiscale Modeling and Simulation, Journal of Cell Science, Nature Scientific Reports, Mathematical Biosciences, BMC Bioinformatics, BMC Systems Biology, Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, IEEE EMBC 2009-2017